Barrier-free minibuses

  • Barrier-free transport in Prague

    As part of Prague Integrated Transport, we became the founder of the Bezba barrier-free line.

  • Who will the transport be for?

    Despite the ever-improving conditions for the transport of persons with limited mobility and orientation on the lines of the Prague Integrated Transport, in many cases the use of these lines is not suitable or advantageous for various reasons. That is why the City of Prague also offers a microbus service for holders of ZTP and ZTP/P cards with permanent residence in Prague.

  • When do we start?

    From January 1, 2022, this service will be provided in continuous operation by two new carriers, including our company Lutan. Our 17 specially adapted minibuses operated by such personnel will be put into service. The operation and the most efficient use of minibuses will be supervised by the ROPID dispatch.

  • Where do I order?

    It will be possible to order transport mainly through the Bezba website.