Prague Sightseeing tours and trips

Private Prague sightseeing tours and trips by minibus with a capacity of 2 - 6 passengers

all tours can be customized according to the customer's specific wishes

Pick up at the hotel and return to the hotel included in the circuit

If the hotel is in or near the city center, otherwise for an additional fee, which is agreed with the customer in advance

All tours and trips can be customized for wheelchair users

our vehicles are equipped with a ramp and lashing straps, the route can be modified after agreement with the customer

All tours and trips can be customized for cyclists

our vehicles are large enough to accommodate bicycles, the route can be modified after agreement with the customer

All tours and trips can be done at any time of the day

we offer our tours at any time of the day, always according to your preferences, because our city has its own charm at any time of the day

Private Prague Sightseeing Tours

green tour

Good choice if you just want a short drive through The Old Town and The Jewish Quarter.

Take a look at the National Museum with us, while driving you will see the Dancing House or the National Theatre from the other bank of the Vltava river. Drive through the narrowest streets of the Old Town, look into the Jewish Quarter, see the Jewish cemetery or synagogues and go through the Powder Gate.

What will you see?

  • National Museum, State Opera, Wenceslas square with St. Wenceslas monument
  • New Town Hall, Charles square, Saints Cyril and Methodius Cathedral, Dancing House
  • Žofín palace, Shooter’s island, National Theatre, Rotunda of the Finding of the Holy Cross, Bethlehem Chapel
  • Church of St. Martin in the Wall, Coal Market, Charles Bridge, Rudolphinum, Prague Metronom, Street of Paris
  • Jewish Quarter, the Old New Synagogue, the High Synagogue, the Old Town square, Church of the Mother of God
  •  the Spanish Synagogue, Statue of Franz Kafka, the Republic Square, the Municipal House, National Bank, Powder Gate

yellow TOUR

Would you like to see the other bank of Prague? This tour is just for you!

The first part of this tour is the same as the green tour route, but you will stay longer on the other bank of the Vltava river. On the other side of Prague – Lesser Town, the yellow tour route continues to Lesser Town square, to the Church of St. Nicholas. Then you will be able to see the beautiful view of the Petřín Gardens, which you will also reach later. From there the route continues uphill, to previously legendary Strahov Stadium, from where it is very close to one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Prague, in the Kinský Garden. From here the route continues around the Strahov Monastery to Prague Castle and the Royal Summer Palace, from where the journey continues back to the Lesser Town. There you will be able to take a close look at Charles Bridge or the narrowest street in Prague, controlled by traffic lights. Then you will continue across the bridge to the Rudolfinum, from where the route is again the same as the green tour route.

red tour

Want to see even more? No problem! Extend the yellow tour and see another part of Prague!

This circuit can only be ordered as an extension of the yellow circuit, most of the places are only accessible for pedestrians!

Once you get enough of the view of beautiful Prague from the viewpoint in the Kinský Garden and return back to our minibus, you are only about two minutes of walk from the Rose Garden on Petřín, which is the entrance point of Petřín Hill. Not only the Štefánik’s observatory, the mirror maze or the Church of St. Lawrence, but especially the famous Petřín lookout tower is waiting for your visit and we will wait until you enjoy it enough. From here, you can get around the Strahov Monastery to Pohořelec, square which is close to the Nerudova street. From here it is about 5 minutes to  the Prague Castle complex and you will be able to walk inside and see whatever you want. However, it is very important to leave the castle complex in the direction of Jelení příkop, because we will be waiting for you there again with our minibus, the attached map will help you. The route then leads to the Charles Bridge. You will have opportunity to cross the bridge to the other side of the Vltava, walk through Charles street and be picked up by us next to the New City Hall.

Around the Maisel Synagogue you will then reach the Rudolfinum, which connects all the tours. On the way back, we will also show you the Peter’s quarter, Square of Hastal with the Church of St. Hastal and also the smallest house in Prague.

Private trips in prague

the most beautiful views of Prague

As the name of this trip suggests, we would like to invite you for a ride through Prague, during which we will show you the most beautiful views of the city of Prague. For this time let’s forget about the well-known places such as the Old Town Hall, the Žižkov Television Tower or the towers on Charles Bridge, and we will focus on such places where it is necessary to go a little further. We will show you a view from Rocks of Braník, from where you can see not only the Vltava, but also the Barrandov Bridge and views of the outskirts of Prague, less known but beautiful. But you will also see Vyšehrad and Prague Castle from here. This view combines architecture, infrastructure, but also nature and in its biggest advantage is a minimum of tourists. If you are also interested in lesser-known parts of Prague, then you will be interested in another stop, which is the view over the vineyard and the Vineyard House.

From the lesser-known parts of Prague, which, however, offers beautiful views, we will then move again to the center of Prague tourism, specifically to see the well-known Prague dominants again, but from a perspective that you may not know yet. On our way, we will show you the view from Letná, which is one of the most popular. Then we will continue to a place almost unknown by turists, from where you will see a breathtaking panorama from the place near to ruins, which is certainly not known for what it used to be. And a view of Prague from a meadow surrounded by trees, where you can climb a rock to see better, this will be our last stop and believe that this will  pleasantly surprise you, because tourists do not usually come here for the views and it’s a pitty, because it it’s really worth.

And as a little bonus, we  also add the fact, that even for moving between the views, we have chosen such routes that are an interesting form of exploring the city for you.

Beautiful city and great food

This trip will offer you a very interesting combination of experiences that you can get in three hours you will spend with us. We will show you our beautiful city and after this experience we will eat together and we would like to invite you!. A big advantage of this trip for you is the possibility of an individual route, while everything from your order will depend just on you!

  • Are you interested in any tour from our offer? Green, yellow or red? No problem! Any of them can be the route of this trip.
  • Do you have any special wishes what to see in Prague? That’s not a problem either! If we can get there legally, we will take you there.
  • Would you like to get advise from us? What to do? What to see? We know a lot of interesting places in  and we will be happy to share them with you.

We will be very happy to offer our tours to those who are interested in sightseeing in Prague. However, there are also those who would rather enjoy Prague on their own, and we definitely do not want to offer them pre-determined routes. We would also like you to choose a restaurant. Do you want to try typical Czech food? Not a problem! Are you on a diet and our typical “svíčková” with six dumplings, however delicious it is, isn’t that what you want? That’s not a problem either! Tell us what you fancy and we will find a restaurant that will be as close as possible to your ideas.

As you can see, planning this trip is a lot about our mutual cooperation. But don’t worry. Make an order, we will contact you and agree on everything 🙂

Daily life in prague

When you read the description of the trip “The most beautiful views of Prague”, you quite rightly got the impression that during that trip we will show you Prague in a way you don’t know. If we wanted to find one sentence describing this trip “Ordinary life in Prague”, we would say that this is doubly true here. Really. Prague is a city of many faces and only a few tourists have the opportunity to get to know how and where people really live here during their short vacation. But we would like to show you, because however beautiful our historic center is, the majority of Praguers live or even work outside it.

Our city offers a variety of architecture and also various options for living and spending free time. With a few exceptions, it can be said that the further you go from the historic center, the newer buildings are located there and recently more and more people live there, especially in the outskirts of Prague, where extensive construction is underway.

Let us show you everything that is possible within our three hours together. From city districts not too far from the city center, where history still breathes, through housing estates built mainly in the second half of the 20th century, the outskirts of Prague, where you would often not even say that Prague still belongs, to new buildings, often unfinished. You will see not only big differences, but especially the real everyday life of Praguers, you will be able to compare and think about what type of development you would like and which you would not. We believe that we can show you Prague in a way you don’t know it and we are sure, that you will still like it and leave us with an extraordinary experience.

And as such a small bonus, let us invite you on our way, as we say “for one”, to local pub. And if you don’t drink or you can’t drink, it doesn’t matter! We don’t just drink beer 😀

nature of a big city

Prague is not just a city of hundreds of towers and thousands of houses. Prague is also a city with a beautiful nature. However, it offers not only parks that are directly in the historic center, but also entire forests, fields or ravines. It is probably not quite common to go to Prague for nature, but we are sure that this trip can offer you an experience you will never forget.

In this case, similar to the trip “Beautiful city and great food”, we will need your cooperation. There are really a lot of places related to nature that we can show you in Prague, and even in this case we don’t want you to waste your time visiting something that you are not interested in, while for example a few kilometers away there is something that would interest you much more. It is important to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What am I interested in and what do I want to visit?
    • Forest, meadow, park, lake, garden, …
  • How far do I want to go and how much time do I want to spend there?
    • Places where natural areas are located are at different distances. It also depends on you what distance you want to walk in nature.
  • What do I want to do while exploring nature?
    • Walking, cycling, sitting, …

Once you have answered these questions, send us an order where you will answer them and we will draw up a tailor-made plan for you, and if you agree with it, we can go.  We are sure that the nature of our city can offer you a lot, including the much-needed relaxation in this busy time.